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The Snowmen

So, it looks like we have a new River Song-ish mystery to explore. Who is Clara? Why is she popping up everywhere? Will Vastra, Jenny and Strax get a spin-off? (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!)

And, most importantly, what is with the new TARDIS desktop theme?
"You've redecorated. I don't like it."

So. Hi.

Who's still here?

Good G-d.

Here we are, well into Series Six, and no one's posted! Who's seen "The Doctor's Wife"? What did you think? No spoilers quite yet (not til after 10pmEST), but I will say this: Neil Gaiman can write my Doctor any time. Any. Time.


I doubt The Doctor approves of spam.

Just for general info, I've deleted two spam posts (in Russian Cryllic, even) by member karolynrq, and kicked him/her/it out of the community. If more spam appears and you see it, please let me know; I'm trying to catch it all before someone else has to see it.

And now, I'm getting a wicked little trill imagining the posts burning up and getting lost in the space time vortex like the posters on the TARDIS in "Vincent and the Doctor."

ysobelle, I think you've got the authority to delete posts and kick out members, too. If not, let me know and I'll figure out how to give it to you.


Wow. So we suck.

So, no activity for a few months, yeah we suck.

So, I'm up through "Cold Blood." I've promised tomomallie that I won't watch ahead, so we can watch together. And I always keep my promises no matter how. Freakin'. Tempting. It. Is!

Everyone else is thrilled about the writing and how clever it is and so on and so forth, but I'm finding myself disappointed. I've adjusted to Matt Smith's Doctor (though I think he's still finding his feet, a bit), but I really just think the writing has gone downhill. Willing suspension of disbelief is supposed to cover the fact that there's a 900+ year old alien, with a bow tie and a police box, rattling around space and time. Once you accept that premise, logic is supposed to re-assert itself.

"Vampires in Venice" was particularly egregious. The "Vampires" can walk abroad in daylight as long as they wear veils and stay out of the sun, but a stray shaft of sunlight (out of a sky covered with thick boiling clouds?!) from a compact mirror will totally destroy one? The perception filter is broken, and instead of always revealing Mama's true form, it permanently hides it? Even when she takes it off and throws it away? I wish my A/C would stay permanently on when it broke, and cool my car when I was away from home, too! And the climax is the Doctor flipped a rather ordinary (and modern) looking switch in a not terribly extraordinary looking machine and it gets sunny? Tsk tsk BBC, you can do better!

Also, jumping ahead a bit now, Rory's death? Most anticlimactic loss of a companion since Dodo left the Second Doctor back in 1967, by sending her key and a message with some friends.

So, now that I've vented my spleen and probably pissed a few people off, let's have some discussion!!

Eleventh Hour

Well? Who's seen it? Thoughts?

Clips! And Stuff!


The front page right now has brand-new trailer for the series, which will start in the UK. at 6.20pm on the 3rd. There's also a clip of episode six, "Vampires in Venice." So it's a good, solid first look at Eleven. At last.

Also, as for the whole River Song thing, y'all are leaving out the most obvious reason she has to have seen him at Ten: she doesn't mention his regeneration. She knows, and talks about, almost everything else. But not this. Besides, when she talks about the "You know when you see a photograph of somebody...." thing? She doesn't say, "And, like, they have a whole new face and stuff?"

I can't wait to see how they resolve it. Or if they try. It also makes me wonder what RTD would have done with River if David Tennant had stayed on another series.

River Song

Ten must have seen River Song at some point. Several points. Otherwise, she would have known from the first moment she showed up that her message had arrived too early, and that he wouldn't know her.

The new series is supposed to have the crash of the Byzantium, about which she asks Ten. It happens, of course, with Eleven. How are they going to fix that, you think?

Start date and time revealed?

Start date and time revealed?

Well, they're certainly jumping in with both feet, aren't they?